::: Life in Color

everything is beautiful

"Everything is Beautiful" es un proyecto del iustrador Hayley Warnham. Mucho color y fotos antiguas...¡Me encanta!

"Everything is Beautiful" is a colorful project of the ilustrator Hayley Warnham. Color and old pictures...lovely!


::: Vegan Swap

Alba del genial blog "Mi vida con un vegano" hizo una propuesta abierta para hacer un "Swap Vegano", es decir enviar y recibir "regalitos" veganos (una receta salada, una receta dulce, ya sea un té o un chocolate y algunas semillas para sembrar en casa) Cuando lo leí inmediatamente dije sí, ¡me apunto! ¡Me encanta la idea!

Envié mi sobre a Madrid a Sonia Martelo, y ella me envió algunas cosas hechas a mano muy muy bonitas! También venían las recetas, las semillas y el té! ¡Me encantó!

Gracias Alba por organizarlo y gracias Sonia por preparar un envío tan lindo!.. Me encantó participar en el intercambio! Ahora..¡a cocinar!

Alba from the lovely blog "Mi vida con un vegano" made an open proposal about doing a vegan swap, that means that you get a penpal and send to each other some vegan stuff (a salty recipe, a sweet recipe, either a tea or a chocolate and some seeds to plant some herbs).. I read that and said YES! I want to do that!

I send some stuff to Madrid to Sonia Martelo and she sent to me some pretty handmade things! and the recipes, the seeds and the tea!

Thanks Alba and Sonia.. I loved to participate in the Swap!


::: Beauty Is Embarrassing.

A documentary about artist Wayne White that premieres in March at SXSW!!

::: Vintage by color.

La estudiante Sueca Hilda Grahnat con su serie " vintage by color" me sacó una sonrisa este lunes frío de febrero. Buen inicio de semana!

I got a smile on this cold monday morning. The Swedish student Hilda Grahnat with her "Vintage by color" is the responsible. Good week!


::: Do something pretty while you can.

Video of the ending scene from the movie "The 400 blows" by Truffaut with music from Belle and Sebastian.."We rule the school"…Pretty 2012.


::: Like movies

Autumn, a little cold, going to the movies, netflix, christmas trees... that is what have been the last few days around here. 

The movie that I was waiting, "Like Crazy" was released last Friday ... and it's precious!

The music, the colors, the actors, the photography and especially the story... as life itself. 

A little suffering to remind us that we are always changing and there are some things that never change.


::: Happy World Vegan Day!

Today is World Vegan Day!

And my very special way to celebrate (like almost every day) is cooking and enjoying my little animals that I have at home ..!

Right now I can smell all over my kitchen "Happy Herbivore´s Maple Pumpkin Muffins Sweet Kissed" ... I think I'll take one as a dessert!

Happy Day! Let every day be like this!

Here is the trailer for Food Inc. The film that helped me make the big leap to veganism.


::: W. What a Wonderful World.


W & Cie Agency made ​​a corporate ID makeover and this earned them a Silver Lion at the Cannes Film Festival 2011.

A simple approach ... "We are an agency working for brands, so let's do a tribute to them".

The rest of pictures and a video that is very highly recommended here

What a wonderful World!


::: Mini-me as a cake topper.

A very sweet idea to decorate what we love the most in the celebrations ... the cake!

The perfect example of how a need (as to give original gifts) is transformed into a great business idea.

Your own personalizad cake toppers from lilcaketoppers


::: Happy Friday!

I have been "in love" with these guys ever since I start to live with a plant base diet...they are a great inspiration and I had not seen this videos. Bob Harper, Rip Esselstyn and Joshua Katcher together...Super sexy vegans (sorry.. I had to say it!)

Rip Esselstyn is the author of Engine2Diet, he is a firefighter, he was a professional triathlete for over a decade and also he is on Forks over Knives… with his dad!

Bob Harper has been criticized by many vegans (because they believe that it is not vegan enough) but in the words of Mr. Discerningbrute:

"Veganism is not a religion, or about being puritanical. It's a social justice movement and no one can be perfect or flawless, or make changes in every single area of their lives overnight.

Bob's leverage and influence for helping animals is enormous, and I for one, am happy he has "come out" as vegan."

And I can not agree more. Happy Friday!

Follow them!

Joshua Katcher www.thediscerningbrute.com // Bob Harper @MyTrainerBob // Rip Esselstyn Engine2diet.com